10 Reasons why...
// Behind the Scenes

  1. Collaboration
    We love working with a variety of businesses who have all agreed to make a positive difference to people in challenging situations.The image is of a house build Triangle sponsored with another member business.
  2. Inspiration
    Working alongside other organisations has inspired us to make positive changes within Triangle HQ. 
  3. Organisation
    We attend BAP’s AGMs and love how much the charity achieves with the money it raises. BAP work hard to keep admin costs low and everything else goes to those who need support.
  4. Involvement
    Each business can be as involved as they chose. You can raise fund with sponsored events, send teams to site to work on projects or use your businesses specific skills to help Val, Bill and the Team. 
  5. Sustainable
    BAP work with individuals, families and communities to become more self-sufficient. Their mantra is a hand-shake not a hand-out and we fully support and believe in this.
  6. Transparency
    We love that we can track how our donations are being used. The team send us project progress reports and we have regular contact with the children we sponsor. Knowing how we’ve helped motivates us to do more.
  7. Testimonials
    BAP’s website is full of stories of successful projects. We’re proud that we’ve been able to help support these.
  8. Trips
    Director Jules was so inspired by BAPs work that she took her family on a trip to Romania, so they could see how BAP makes a difference and the work that needs to be done.
  9. Variety
    BAP helps those who are truly in need, no matter where in the world they’re from and how they ended up in poverty. 
  10. Parties
    We love a party and BAPs annual ball is a regular on our social calendar. It’s great to catch up with all the other supporters and to celebrate everyone’s successes.

If you’d like to know more we’d happily talk to you or contact the Business Against Poverty team – they’d love to hear from you – www.businessagainstpoverty.com

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