Time to Get Up
// Seven Stories

Creating a number of interactive areas bringing different books alive. Lots of opportunities to interact with the story lines. For the first time for Seven Stories, we introduced an entirely unique display method inspired by touch and feel boards.

This enables children to explore new and exciting ways of engaging directly with the exhibition’s artwork. Young explorers can see, touch, smell and hear their way through a variety of sensory activities, all linked to the exciting new experiences and routines that every young child enjoys.

It has had some rave reviews already, including this from Louise and Rowan (almost 2 years old):

“The whole exhibition is brilliant, there isn’t a single part that he hasn’t enjoyed. We enjoy sharing stories at home and we always have bedtime stories so it is great to see them brought to life in such an imaginative way. Rowan has loved the shop area and the kitchen in particular. The sensory elements are fantastic and we have enjoyed exploring the artwork together, especially pushing the buttons to hear all of the sounds around the gallery.”

For more info please see https://www.sevenstories.org.uk/exhibitions/ttgu

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