Birthday Celebrations at Covent Garden
// Skechers

“Skechers sent us a brief for a window display to celebrate their 1st birthday in Covent Garden” commented Jules English, Director at Triangle Design “we produced a range of designs, all following the celebration theme. After discussions with Skechers, we settled on a design that incorporated window vinyls with ribbons, bows and balloons, alongside a 1,5m by 1,0m glitter covered hanging birthday tag and acrylic, suspended shelves to display their latest product range”.

With a tight timescale Team Triangle began on site at 7am. Finished at 9am, the team worked efficiently to ensure they were off site before the store opened. “We ensured the key components of this display were reusable so Sketchers could re-use these elements for other stores that have birthday celebrations around the country.” continued Jules “For example, we ensured the tag had a removable store name panel which could be replaced when used at a different location”.

Although this project had a limited budget and a tight timescale, Triangle Design were able to deliver a fully functional window display that coincided with highly successful sales figures for the duration of the display.

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